Vacation Days w/Claire

Didn’t realize how much I needed a couple of no schedule fun days. Thanks to her private kindergarten ending Fri b/f Mem Day, and no camps beginning til Jun 1st, I got to steal her away to the condo. It was the first opportunity I’d had for one on one time just w/Claire and it was great to get to know her more intimately.

While it was just 3 overnights, we immediately fell into a comfy routine:
6a +/-  Wake up. Sigh, I am sooooo glad blackout blinds are ordered.
til 7-30a Coffee and juice, general wakeup, and Claire reads to me
7-30a ish breakfast
til 9-30a ish dishes, tidy up, face/teeth etc, put on bathing suits
9-45a til 11a fun on beach
back at condo, showers/hair then lunch 🙂